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Thinh Tri Commercial Arbitration Center- TTCAC was established under Decision No 18/QĐ-BTP dated June 27, 2017 of Ministry of Justice which is located in district 3, Ho Chi Minh city. This is an independent and realiable orgaization in handling with disputes by a team who have hands- on experience in arbitration. Our team are good at judging skills and adapting all the disputes in accordance with the Law. When coming to TTCAC, the customers will be absolutely supported by our arbitrators by boosting up the procedures of handling with disputes legally as well as minizing the customer's risk.

     Except for the above functions, TTCAC has an extra function in which TTCAC will be in charge of commercial mediation as decision No 2530/QĐ-BTP of Ministry of Justice. Commercial mediation helps the parties to process mediation in term of conditions and procedures decided by the parties. It is a a bridge between the parties to find reasonable solution for commercial conflict. Commercial mediation is cost effective way and help the parties maintain good rapport as well as save the time.

      We have a team of outstanding arbitrators with many working years in judging (former judge of Ho Chi Minh city Economic Court) including Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Economics, Master of Laws, etc. and professional, prompt and accurate, lawful procedures. It is our pleasure to be your business partner to bring success to you.

     We are thankful for your belief and companionship during the past and hope to get more supports and cooperation in the future.

    Best regards,


President of TTCAC


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Legal information

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